WristPC Keyboard

L3 Systems has developed the WristPC Keyboard for portable and wearable computer applications. The WristPC is a rugged QWERTY keyboard with a standard PC keyboard interface. The housing is either black anodized aluminum ABS plastic.

Black WristPC Keyboard Black Aluminum Housing Clear Blue WristPC Keyboard Blue ABS Housing
Completely sealed, it can operate in the rain and other harsh environments. A curved back provides a secure and comfortable placement on the wrist. The keyboard layout is optimized to provide alphanumeric entry. Carefully positioned arrow keys ease menu-oriented tasks.

The WristPC keyboard comes with an optional wrist strap to provide the capability of attaching it to your wrist.

WristPC Wrist Strap Wearing WristPC Wrist Strap

Optional keyboard illumination is offered for nighttime and poor visibility situations:

WristPC Backlighting

Note: Aaton Cantar Users - We can provide keyboards especially set up for use with Aaton Cantar users in conjunction with the Gotham Sound Dsub15-USB adapter, (Note: We don't sell the Gotham adapter.) You can just order USB keyboard you want, and either add a note when purchasing, or send a note to: sales@l3sys.com.

To get a WristPC data sheet press: Get WristPC Data Sheet.

To get instructions on installing the WristPC wrist strap press: Get WristPC Strap Installation Instructions.

You will need an Adobe Acrobat reader to view or print the data sheet or instructions above. To download Adobe Acrobat press: Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.