L3 Technical Support Page

Before contacting us with a question, you may wish to look at current manuals and our support Q & A (sometimes known as FAQ's) pages.

A complete list of all support files is at:
L3 Systems Support Files Page: L3 Support Files

For the KeyAT:
The KeyAT-4 Manual is: KeyAT-5 Manual
The KeyAT-4 Manual is: KeyAT-4 Manual
The KeyAT FA1/FA1-E Manual is: KeyAT FA1/FA1-E Manual
KeyAT Support Questions and Answers: KeyAT Q & A

For the KB232:
The KB232 Manual is: KB232 Manual
KB232 Support Questions and Answers: KB232 Q & A

For the WristPC:
The WristPC Manual is: WristPC Manual
The WristPC Strap Instructions: WristPC Strap Instructions
WristPC Support Questions and Answers: WristPC Q & A

For the KeyRF:
The KeyRF Manual is: KeyRF Manual
KeyRF Support Questions and Answers: KeyRF Q & A

For the PS/2 to USB Converter: PS/2 to USB Converter Q & A

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L3 System's technical support relies primarily on email. We will gladly respond to all email questions promptly. Send customer support messages to:
Support: support@l3sys.com

Fax and phone inquiries will be handled as well, but at a lower priority. Of course, US mail is accepted and will receive a response.

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