KeyAT Applications

Some typical KeyAT applications are:

  • Testing software - Test software by sending keystrokes which have been 'scripted' on another computer and sent through a serial port. You can automate your testing which will save time, improve reliability and guarantee reproducible results.
  • Remote Access - The KeyAT Keyboard Port Adapter allows remote access to a system where other methods are not available.
  • Monitoring Keyboard sessions - Use KeyAT to monitor keyboard sessions for developing regression test data, or for detecting key strokes which cause problems with target software.
  • Serial Keyboard (Keyat-4 Only) - Convert a keyboard to a serial RS-232 device. This can be used for systems which don't have an AT style keyboard port, but still need a QWERTY style keyboard.
  • Attaching Input Devices - Connect RS-232 devices to a computer, such as bar code scanners, magnetic card readers and measurement devices. This way not communications ports are needed and the appplication can read the imput just as if it came from the keyboard. See the new application note for attaching scanners: KeyAT5_App_Note_1.pdf
  • Boot without a Keyboard - The KeyAT allows the PC system to boot without a keyboard plugged into it.

KeyAT-5 Interconnect Diagram

KeyAT-5 Typical Connection

KeyAT-4 Interconnect Diagram

KeyAT-4 Typical Connection