KeyAT RS232 Keyboard/Mouse Adapters

The KeyAT Adapters allow you to send keyboard and/or mouse data to a PC using an RS-232 interface. The KeyAT-4 uses a PS/2 connection to the PC, and is keyboard only. The KeyAT-5 uses a USB connection to the PC, and emulates both keyboard and mouse.

Either KeyAT model permita attaching RS-232 devices as keyboard input to a PC. This facilitates devices such as bar code readers, scales, and credit card readers. KeyATs are also used to simulate input to a PC for control, or testing software. In addition, KeyAT-4 can also be used to monitor the keyboard-to-PC connection or to connect a keyboard to a computer's serial port.

We now have added a micro-USB OTG (On-The-Go) adapter for connecting a KeyAT-5 to smartphones and tablets. See part number CL0023 in the KeyAT Price List (left navigation bar). New!

Also see the new application note for attaching scanners and scales to a KeyAT-5: KeyAT5_App_Note_1.pdf New!

Both KeyAT models have extended features which make use of internal flash memory, which holds changable parameters for their operation. See the KeyAT features page for more details: Press here for list of features


KeyAT-5 RS232 to USB Keyboard/Mouse Adapter

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KeyAT-4 RS232 to PS/2 Keyboard Adapter

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