KB232E Features

  • Translates PS/2 Keyboard Keys to ASCII - Keys with ASCII equivalents are translated into ASCII characters. This means that standard alphanumeric keys, number keys, and punctuations are translated to their logical equivalents.
  • Repeat/Delay Configurable - Keyboard repeat delay and repeat rate can be configured.
  • Local operation of Caps Lock and Num Lock Keys - Caps Lock and Num Lock keys operate as expected. Their initial ON/OFF state when power is applied can be configured.
  • Five Emulation Modes - Terminal emulation options are available for non-ASCII keys such as the Arrow keys, Home, End, etc. These options are "TTY ASCII" terminal, "ANSI" terminal, "VT-220/320" terminal, and "PC" terminal.
  • Flexible RS-232 settings - Flexible serial communications options include baud rates of 9600 (default), 4800, 2400 and 1200 baud. Parity selections of even, odd or none (default) are available.
  • Custom keyboard mappings - Custom keyboard mappings can be loaded to change the ASCII character (or characters) assigned to the keyboard keys. These are stored in non-volatile flash memory.
  • Can Draw power from RS-232 - The KB232E can draw power from the RS-232 connection which can be enough power to some keyboards to work without any other power source.
  • LED Indicator Disable feature - Keyboard LED operation can be disabled to save power.