KB232E PS/2 to RS-232 Keyboard Adapter

The KB232E PS/2 Keyboard RS-232 adapter allows a standard "PC type" PS/2 style keyboard to be connected to an RS-232 port of a computer or other equipment using RS-232 communications. The KB232E can be useful in embedded computing environments when PS/2 or USB ports are not available.

Keys with ASCII equivalents are translated into ASCII characters. This means that standard alphanumeric keys, number keys, and punctuations are translated to their logical equivalents.

KB232E PS/2 Keyboard Adapter

KB232E - With Molded Housing

The KB232E adapter can "steal" power from the RS-232 connection to power itself and a low power keyboard. It can also accept either +9 volt or +12 volt power from an external power supply.

Custom keyboard mappings can be loaded to change the ASCII character (or characters) assigned to the keyboard keys. These are stored in non-volatile flash memory.

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