L3 Systems, Inc.

Designer/manufacturer of keyboard input devices and adapters

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  • KeyAT4 and KeyAT-5 Keyboard Adapters, Press for more info KeyAT: The KeyAT allows keyboard and/or mouse data to be sent to a PC over an RS-232 interface. The KeyAT-4 is keyboard only emulation with PS/2 connection, The KeyAT-5 does both mouse and keyboard emulation via USB.
  • L3 Systems custom designs, Press here for more info KB232E: KB232E PS/2 to RS-232 Keyboard Adapter converts a PS/2 keyboard to an RS-232 device. It can be self-powered and have custom key assignments.
  • WristPC wearable keyboard, Press here for more info WristPC: The WristPC keyboard is for rugged wearable, portable, and embedded computer applications. The WristPC comes in both aluminum and plastic models, with PS/2 and USB interfaces.