KeyRF Specifications

Dimensions Receiver 3.65L x 2.4W x 1.5H
2 button Transmitter 2.3L x 1.4W x .65H
4 button Transmitter 2.5L x 1.4W x .55H
Power - Receiver 5 Volt 20ma, .1 Watt
Transmitter 12 GP23A Battery, 5ma max
Temperature 0-50C (32-120F)
FCC Approval Class B approved
CE Approval Receiver CE approved
RF Carrier Frequency 315 MHz
Range 20 to 100 feet
Connectors 6 Pin Mini-DIN, Female
Operating Systems Windows 98/ME/2000/XP,
Linux 2.4 and above,
Apple Mac 8.6 and above