KeyRF Features

  • Superior RF technology - Receives 360 degrees and offers superior performance compared to infrared remotes. Range up to 100 feet.
  • Simple and easy to use for presentations - Miniature 2-button transmitter has just two buttons for forward and reverse which are easy to locate without looking. It fits easily in your pocket and the buttons have good tactile response.
  • Quick installation - KeyRF requires no special software to be installed on your system. Just plug between your PC and keyboard on destop computers, or into the external keyboard connector on laptops and you are ready to go. USB versions just plug into the computer's USB port and use HID (Human Interface Device) drivers that come with your Windows, MAC or Linux operating system.
  • Works with virtually all applications - KeyRF mimics your keyboard, so it will work easily with most applications.
  • Programmable Button Actions - Different key sequences can be sent to the PC, based on the way the buttons are pressed on the remote transmitter. For the two button transmitter, the five button combinations are possible. The four button transmitter can utilize the fourth button as a shift key to allow for 7 button combinations.
  • Alternating Action - Keys can be programmed for alternating action.
  • Auto Repeat Capability - You can enable auto-repeat capability to buttons. This is useful for doing volume control or light dimming.
  • Simple Configuration - Configuring buttons is easy, requiring only a character mode screen active on the PC to operate, such as a "DOS" shell or a "login" shell.