KeyRF Applications

  • Overhead Presentations - Use the KeyRF to control your overhead presentations, such as PowerPoint ( Microsoft Corp.). The KeyRF will provide better range and ease of use than typical infrared transmitters. The 360 reception of the KeyRF receiver makes it ideal for a speaker that needs to be mobile.
  • PC TV Controller - Many PC's today are equipped with, or have been upgraded to have TV reception capability. The KeyRF remote can give remote channel selection, volume control and a mute button for your PC TV.
  • Home Automation - The KeyRF can provide input to your PC-based home automation applications. By being able to simulate any reasonable key combination, this makes it very easy to integrate with your home automation system.
  • PC TV - Remote control for your PC based TV. With 5 button functions, you can provide channel up/down, volume up/down, and mute on one key chain remote.
  • Remote for your Mini-Disc Player - Remote control for your PC's MP3 player. For some tips, see: Remote Show Control with a Laptop
KeyRF Typical Interconnect Diagram